About Us

We started out making a couple photo mats for some friends who were having babies and we got such a great response, everybody wanted one!  Before you know it we had 30 designs and we were selling at The Orange County Market Place.  Our business was a success, our customers kept coming back for more.  After 3 years, we finally got our own artwork designed by Jason Terrigno (Terrigno Designs).  What is so unique about our products is that our artwork is actually 3-Dimensional about 1/4″ off the mat.  OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THIS 3-D LOOK!  WE are very excited about our new designs and look forward to offering more and more in the near future thanks to JT.

If scrapbooking is your thing, we have created a new line called Scrap-A-Mats.  These are blank 11″x14″ mats and 12″x12″ scrapbook pages to design or scrap any way you like!  Choose from 9 colors.  We love the name, Scrap-A-Mat!  Each mat and scrapbook page includes an alphabet sticker pack so you can easily personalize it with your child’s special name.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have with our children.  Create a keepsake to last a lifetime with Bellas Dream Photo Mats.  We thank you for your business!